It couldn’t have been that difficult for Subway to tweak the veggie patty and create a vegan sub that isn’t just a salad sandwich. (Yes – that’s all the Veggie Delite is, I don’t care what you say!)

But it look them long enough.

The Vegan Sub (or salad if you want it) landed in April and as a big fan of Subway, I was one happy customer. The patty itself is very similar to the veggie patty but maybe a bit firmer. Subway says it’s a combination of sweet peppers, red onions, spinach, garlic and chilli.

As usual I combined it with every salad item from the salad bar (I like to get my money’s worth) and topped it with an extra squirt of the new Vegan Aioli.

The verdict – I loved it and couldn’t really tell it apart from the Veggie Patty, it might have been a little more spicy, but it was tasty and a good texture. The only thing it lacked was the cheese that I’d have on the Veggie Patty. If they could buy in some slices of Violife (not Sheese, please not Sheese….) and melt it under the grill, then it would be perfect.

So Subway – vegan cheese is next on your to do list. Please. Thank you.