Christina Wellor is a writer, columnist and contributor with a special interest in taboo subjects and plant based food and dining. Not afraid to tackle issues that many other journalists pussy foot around in her own inimitable and acid style, she identifies as a ‘Greer type of lipstick feminist’ who despite this, can see things from the male point of view. She believes passionately in a stoic and reasoned approach to achieving equality; not just for women but for animals too.

Christina started her career blogging candidly about sex and marriage and writing a weekly column for the local press before taking a column at British GQ. Since then she has written for numerous print and online publications including The Metro, The Erotic Review, The Sunday Herald and Women’s Health.

Modelling throughout her 20’s to earn extra money to get by (writing rarely pays!) was an experience that has fuelled her thoughts and writings on how the sexualisation of women intertwines with a path to equality.

As well as continuing to write, Christina runs her own consultancy business in marketing and also lectures in the subject to undergraduate students. Her other interests include fashion, horticulture, cultivating a quickly expanding collection of orchids and finding new ways to cook and bake vegan food. She lives in the Midlands with her partner, son, daughter, several rabbits and an elderly dachshund.

Christina is available for commissions and media comment on a variety of subjects including women’s issues, sex and relationships, animal rights, plant based and vegan living. Please send all enquiries by email.

Photograph by Jurgen Payne ©